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Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community


Vagingit – Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community


Vagingit – Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community was established in 2005, for enthusiast to hang out in the south east of England.


Coffee & Cars is a fortnightly car meet hosted by at Costa Coffee Drive Through, Westwood Cross.


Our Fourm is the the life blood of our community where like minded people get together and share a passion.


We are an eclectic mix of individuals who share one thing in common, petrol runs through our veins.

Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community


If you are looking for the most laid back, relaxed and friendly car meet in the country, you’ve found it. Built on the great vibe of our original monthly meet, Coffee & Cars has truly become one of the friendliest car meets in the country. It’s just like a visit to your local pub.

Coffee & Cars welcomes owners of all makes and models of vehicles. In fact, Coffee & Cars is really more about the people and less about what they turn up in.



February 2020

March 2020


Costa Coffee Drive Thru
East Kent Retail Park
Westwood Road
CT10 2PR

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Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community


  • DEFINITIONVagingit, a term derived from “ragging it” the urban slang for thrashing a car. Vagingit has often caused amusement for it similarity to the name given to ladies parts. Alas, we are all children at heart.
  • A LITTLE HISTORYVagingit was established in 2005, as a local place for Volkswagen enthusiast to hang out in the south east of England. At the time, the local vw scene was very cliquey and mainly catered for the air cooled enthusiast. As a collective of mainly water cooled Volkswagen owners, we didn’t really fit in and so we decided to do something about it.
  • OUR VISIONStarting out small, we laid out the foundations of the place we wanted to call home. A place where we could all chill out and call our own. A place where like minded people could get together and share a passion. A place where it didn’t matter what you drove, or how much it cost. A place to showcase the efforts of many hours of late night tinkering and a place to make life long friendships.
  • OUR PRINCIPLESWe have always worked on the simple principle that if you treat others as you would wish to be treated, then in turn you will also be treated the same way. As long as you can follow this simple principle, you will find a place here and fit in.

    We are an eclectic mix of individuals, from various different backgrounds who share one thing in common, petrol runs through our veins. We have always strived to make our community feel like a visit to the local pub where everyone knows each other and feels at ease.

    We are not a car club as such, nor do we pretend to be one. You will not find stuffy committees here, nor will you find endless rules that must be obeyed.

    We set out to meet people in our local community and vagingit’s monthly meet became the physical meeting place to catch up with friends and admire the handy work of our fellow car enthusiasts. In 2012, our monthly meet morphed in to the fortnightly Coffee & Cars meet we still enjoy today.

    The Coffee & Cars meet is the embodiment of our vision, principles and community. It’s popularity and brotherhood never ceases to amaze us.

    This atmosphere has transcended into our online forum, where our users gather to put the world to rights and on occasion talk about cars.

  • OUR FUTUREWe are looking to the future with great enthusiasm and optimism. We will become more diverse in our subject matter, so as to attract a wider audience. We will deliver our community to them via multiple platforms. We will become more in tune and focused on our local automotive community and support our local shows, whilst still upholding our core vision and principles.


Vagingit’s mission is to provide a relaxed & friendly community for Volkswagen Audi Group enthusiast in the South East of England.

Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community


Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community

Andy Bolger


Andy Bolger – 'Miss Daisy' founded Vagingit – Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community in 2005 and has been involved here in one way or another ever since.

Andy got into the VW scene in 1998 when he bought his first car a 1972 VW Beetle. Andy was soon lured into the driving seat of a MK2 Golf GTI and hasn't looked back. Andy purchased his current Type19 MK2 Golf in 2006 and has yet to drive a single mile in it.

Andy is responsible for all of our websites and social media pages, so feel free to get in touch with any questions about advertising, products or ideas relating to our community.

Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community

Dan Pettit


Dan Pettit – ‘DanDiesel’ along with his brother Doug have been members of Vagingit for far longer than any of us can remember. Being the son of an ex-Volkswagen employee, Dan has always been in to his Volkswagen’s. Dan’s other hobby is photography and he can often be found hiding behind the lens of his camera at one of our meets. Dan’s ability to snap a sharp motor has seen his skills in high demand at meets such as prept and he has even had a few magazine articles published.

Dan looks after our online community and helps organise our Coffee & Cars meet. He’s a top chap and vagingit wouldn’t be vagingit without him.

Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community

Dan Allkins


Dan Allkins – 'A11kns' is one of our global mods and can be found attending most of the Coffee and Car meets

He has been in the VW scene for the last 14 years, and has owned three mk4 golfs and a New Beetle, and yes he has heard all the hairdresser jokes!
He is a big fan of everything MK4 and in 2011 brought himself a 25th Anniversary Golf. One year later he founded the GTI 25th Anniversary Owners Club –

Dan is always happy to help and give a big welcome to new members, come and introduce yourself to him at your next Coffee and Cars meet!

Vagingit - Kent’s Volkswagen Car Community

Mike Nowell


Mike Nowell – 'mike' has been seriously into vw’s for about 10 years now, off which 5 of those where with No-Rice in Hampshire, and 3 years as a mod on the forum. Mike loved the laid backness of No-Rice, and thinks that Vagingit has the same laid back friendly feel.

Mike is a mechanic and electrician by trade, and has a full version of vagcom, so if you need a hand he’s more than happy to help.